The Best Places to Propose in Odense


Nestled in the heart of the beautiful garden island of Funen, Odense is one of the ideal places in northern Europe for romance and relationships. The enchantment of the city is made even more evident through its links to the fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. If you are considering a proposal to your partner in the coming season, then you are sure to find the perfect charming venue in the city to make the event an unforgettable one.

However, with so many good proposal locations to choose from, it can be difficult to pick the best option for popping the question. Since you (usually) only get one chance at this, it is important to choose wisely! Fortunately, we’ve assembled a list of some of the absolute best locations for proposals in Odense during the winter season.

Glow Proposal

Christmas Glow Odense

During the winter season, Odense features the incredible international Christmas Glow installation. This dazzling and seasonally themed venue is perfect for popping the question in a unique setting. With over one million Christmas lights featured over a wide variety of displays and abundant options for staying fresh with delicious food and seasonal beverages, you will know that the moment is right after you wander through this installation for some time. After you have successfully wooed your fiancé, then the two of you can enjoy some live entertainment or peruse the vendor stalls to do some Christmas shopping as well.

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Odense Christmas Market

Odense Christmas Market

Even though shopping is not necessarily at the top of the most romantic contexts for a memorable proposal, the Odense Christmas Market offers more than this! The unique seasonal setting offers a festive ambiance that revolves around the décor and dress of a previous era. You will find people wearing historic clothing and hear authentic musical entertainment from the period. Amid all of the interesting things to see and do, you will be sure to find the right moment for your perfect proposal!

Egeskov Castle

Egeskov Castle

If you want to add some prominence to your proposal, then consider making it inside the famous Egeskov Castle near Odense. This renaissance water castle sitting in the middle of a lake looks incredible during the winter months and will provide the perfect backdrop for a proposal that you and your partner will never forget.

Odense Cathedral

Odense Cathedral

Whether you are religious or not, a proposal in the context of the Odense Cathedral will make for a very memorable occasion. As a major historical building in the area, the Odense Cathedral will set an exciting (if not necessarily romantic) tone to your pending engagement. Especially if you and your partner enjoy exploring historical sites and monuments, then this might be the unique proposal venue that you are looking for!


Afgrunden Ved Vissenbjerg

Being outdoors in nature is usually a safe bet for a romantic and memorable proposal. This beautiful and scenic hiking trail in Odense makes for a perfect proposal location. Whether you are familiar with the area or not, you are sure to find that a brisk walk in the great outdoors is a perfect prelude to a pending proposal. Once you have worked off the anxiety of asking the big question through a bit of exercise, you will be able to get down on one (tired) knee and tell your partner how you feel about them.

Romantic Garden

Romantic Gardens Sanderumgaard

With a name like the Romantic Gardens, you will certainly not be disappointed if you choose this venue for your proposal! With a huge manor house on the grounds, the historical landscape garden (which was one of the first of its kind in the country) is dated back to around 1800. You and your partner can wander through over thirty-seven acres of gardens and explore outbuildings and cottages throughout the grounds. With so many picturesque spots to choose from, wait until the perfect moment before popping the question!


Here, we have included only a sample of the best proposal locations in Odense. You are sure to set the right ambiance and set your proposal up well if you choose any of the spots on this list. However, there are many more great options to choose from in the city and what you can think up is only limited by your creativity!

Find a venue that you and your partner will both appreciate to make sure that the proposal is something that you both remember years later!

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