Best Christmas Lights Displays in Odense

Odense is undoubtedly one of the most charming towns in all of Europe. The birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, today’s Odense is a lovely collection of classical Danish architecture and friendly faces. With a strong sense of community fostered among the town’s inhabitants. And when it comes to Christmas lights displays, they really know what they’re doing. 

Read on to discover the most impressive Christmas lights displays to be found in Odense. Some of the events below have music and others offer food and beverages, but every single one is guaranteed to create beautiful memories in the minds of everybody who experiences them.



Spread over a total of 6,000 square indoor meters, the Glow Odense Winter Fairytale event is simply a must-see for anybody who loves Christmas festivals. There’s a narrative theme running throughout the show in which children can help Santa to recover some of his lost presents. Navigating under and through the wondrous collection of a million sparkling, multicoloured lights. 

For adults who might not feel like giving Santa any more help this year, there’s a licensed bar to enjoy some quiet time while the kids have a crack at the playgrounds. Live music will be provided, as well as a host of illuminated structures that are custom-built for a fantastic Christmas selfie. Young or old, everybody will be able to find something that suits them this holiday season at Glow Odense, so make sure to mark November 21st in your calendar!

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Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market

Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market

Named after Denmark’s beloved writer of fairy tales and other stories, the Hans Christian Andersen Christmas Market offers a whole lot more than just Christmas lights — but the lights are pretty spectacular all the same. Christmas played a huge role in Andersen’s stories, and so it’s only fitting that the Christmas market (which makes use of thousands upon thousands of lights as decorations as well as a whole range of different vendor stalls) is as impressive as it undoubtedly is. For lovers of the writer’s work or people just looking for a great time, this place should be an easy inclusion on your itinerary this Christmas.

Flakhaven Christmas Tree Lighting

City Christmas Tree: Flakhaven

Located in a prime position right in the centre of the town, the city of Odense always makes a big deal about the lighting of their official Christmas tree. With nearby buildings putting up a ton of lights in order to add some visual pizazz to the ceremony, this is a Christmas lights display with a bit of a twist, since the tree is so huge that workers need to use a piece of construction equipment to even get high enough to turn on the star at the top. Flakhaven is the square where City Hall is located, so it’s the perfect place for such a display, and the atmosphere in the crowd has to be witnessed firsthand to be believed.

A street strung up with a lot of Christmas lights, featuring a well-lit Christmas tree in the background.

Klods Hans: Hans Christian Andersen Quarter

This little shop is well known throughout the city for putting a huge effort into the Christmas lights display they put on every holiday season. Situated in the same neighbourhood that produced Hans Christian Andersen (yes, him again!) it’s a festive Christmas-themed store that offers as much to look at outside as it does inside. Kids will delight at the amount of delicious and adorable presents to be bought inside, while groups of friends will be able to create some lovely memories together simply by standing and looking at the spectacle from the street. It’s a small-scale affair compared to some other Christmas lights displays, but it’s more than charming enough to make up for whatever it lacks in sheer size.

Arkaden Food Market

Arkaden Food Market

Even though a large part of the charm of Odense is how small and cozy it feels, there’s no shortage of exciting new business ventures being opened every now and again. Arkaden Food Market is a great example, although it pays homage to its location’s historical past by retaining the same, classic style that you’ll find throughout the rest of the town. At Christmas time, the light displays consist mostly of Christmas trees that flank the corners of the food market and large collections of hanging lamps, but that doesn’t mean it’s anything short of spectacular. Maybe the best part about this particular Christmas light display is the amount of delicious food on offer. The perfect stop for warming up after a chilly night watching all of the twinkling lights!

Even though Odense is a relatively small town, you’ll be delighted to see just how many people turn out for the variety of Christmas lights displays that are put on every winter. Whether you’re more into the Hans Christian Andersen market — or whether Glow Odense just feels unmissable there’s bound to be something in the list that’ll appeal to your own personal taste in seasonal events. 

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